Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Serendipitous Sunday

I may not be fast, but I’m dedicated: When I plan to run, I run. Well…except last Sunday. Like every morning on the “day of rest” (yeah, right!), I got up, put on my running clothes, and got the twins out of their cribs. The plan was for Jack to go to 9 a.m. Mass, and then I’d run when he got home. The kids and I had a ton of fun playing together, and the morning flew by. Jack ended up taking Daphne to Mass, and then for hot chocolate. By the time they got home, it was almost 11:00 and foggy. The spirit was not moving me to run.

In complete non-SBS fashion, I changed my exercise plans and my workout clothes, and headed to the health club. I was going to ride an upright stationary bike, then swim. En route to the cardio machines, I ran into my good friend and rowing teammate Amber. Turns out she and another good rowing buddy, Kim, were going to swim together at the same time I was planning to hit the pool. (Amber and Kim are the two rower-triathletes who ran the same half marathon I did three weeks ago.)

What serendipity: Amber and I never randomly run into each other at the gym, and the first words out of her mouth were, “I usually do a long run on Sundays, but I changed my mind.” Great jock-minds think alike! So after the bike, I met my gal-pals in the pool. Even though swimming isn’t as wonderfully social as running, we had fun churning up the lanes together.

I’m a big believer in fate. As I hopped out of the pool with a big smile on my face and lactic acid in my muscles, I knew it was destiny that I blew off my run.


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Anonymous said...

It was great to swim with you Sarah. I love the fact that Portland Women's Rowing is as much about well-rounded athletes working out together in the pool, on running trails, at the stairs, and on road rides, as it is about rowing together. PWR should start fielding triathlon relay teams given how many of us are cyclists, swimmers, and runners too! I know we've already got a Livestrong Ride team in the works...