Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nike Toast

Remember that scene from “Super Size Me” where Morgan Spurlock holds up photos of George Washington, Jesus, Wendy, and Ronald McDonald to see who the kids recognize? To see how kids’ minds are infiltrated by marketing even at an early age?

We had a moment like that last night at dinner. I had made a delicious lentil and eggplant stew, green salad, and warm whole wheat bread. Halfway through the meal, Phoebe says, “Look, Momma!,” holding up a gnawed-on piece of toasted bread. “It’s like that sign on the side of your running shoes.” I took a closer look and, sure enough: She had nibbled her toast into the shape of a Nike swoosh!

Phoebe just scored a bunch of adidas swag from one of my rowing teammates (thanks, Vanessa!)—running shorts, sweat-wicking tees, and a fleece jacket. Something tells me that pretty soon, Phoebe will be arranging carrot sticks or pretzels on her plate to mimic adidas’ three stripes…


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fastgrrrl said...

Of course I can see what you describe just through your words, Sarah. But I definitely think this could have been picture worthy. I can see it now, a whole new chapter in Marathon Moms dedicated to Phoebe-fashioned nibbled logos.

See you so soon!