Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Empathetic Hound

Just as my IT band is finally starting to not be so freakin' angry at me--I ran 4 miles on the dreadmill yesterday! and loved every step! hurray!--our dog, Dharma, decides she needs to carry the injury torch in our house. Something happened to her on her walk on Saturday morning (what, I'm not sure, since my not-always-totally-attentive husband was on leash duty), and she started limping that afternoon.

Thinking it was a pulled muscle (and honestly, being too cheap to take her to the vet on a Sunday or holiday), I thought I'd give her a couple days to mend. When she was still hobbling around yesterday morning, though, I called the vet. After x-rays and a thorough examination, she discerned that nothing is broken, but that Dharma has a seriously swollen "wrist." Hence the bandage to keep her from bending it too much. She's on some super effective pain meds, which I had to pick up at Target (a bit embarrassing when they say, "Your insurance card please," and you reply, "Um, it's for my dog."). They make her so drowsy, the princess gets carried up the stairs at night and down in the morning.

I think the pink soft cast, which matches her collar, is adorable. And in my cheap mind, for a $200 visit, it should be.

Happy 2008 and many good miles to runners and canines alike--


Anonymous said...

If you don't mind me asking, what did you do to help your IT band? I have been prescribed some hip/glut exercises by my PT and I ice twice a day (after running and at the end of the day). I also take the occasional ibuprofen. However, I still have an ache most days. Did you do anything different?


(I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for extending it beyond the marathon)

Unknown said...

A couple things, Prill, worked for me. First off, not running. Cycling and swimming mostly. I know that's the same back/forward motion as running, but I think the impact just makes it much worse. I do an exercise called the clamshell: lie on one side, put an exercise band right above your knees, and keeping your ankles together--and this is key--your top hip in line with the other (or even a bit more forward), raise your top knee slightly. If that doesn't make sense, let me know and I can shoot it for you.
I also do one-leg squats, but the squat is really minimal: I focus on keeping my knee stable and in line with the quad.
A few stretches help too: the one where, lying down, you put your foot on the opposite knee, then left that knee off the ground feels good.
Final thing: rolling it out, with a massage stick or I use something from Trigger Point Therapies. I do that every other night, as each night hurts too much.
I haven't really taken much Advil lately, but did when the pain was really acute. I also didn't ice, because, well, I just didn't have the time.
But the biggest thing is that I stop when it hurts, stretch and do the exercises. The clam shell for me has been key.
Good luck--

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hints! I will try the roller thing.

I am familiar with the clam shell (although I don't usually use a band). I guess I should just take a break from running, but you know I hate to because I am in my 4th week of marathon training. (I know, if I don't now, I will have to later)

Suzy said...

Hi Diminity and Sarah! I have been reading your blog for a long time... since you had started training for the Nike marathon and were posting on Runners World. I thought it was about time I stopped lurking and say "hi!"
I'm a mom to three young kids and I run too, so i really enjoy reading your blogs and relating to everything! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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