Friday, January 18, 2008

Book a Babysitter for the 24th!

To go see Spirit of the Marathon, a documentary about six very different runners preparing for the Chicago marathon. Sarah and I both will be flying the friendly skies that exact night--dang it!--but there will be an encore, apparently, on February 21: hmmm, maybe a late Valentine's Day celebration? Do you think they'll have Powerbars and Gatorade at the concession stands?--Dimity

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dimity and Sarah. I just came across your blog and really enjoy it.

You two together provide a nice blend of commentary on running, life, family, etc. I enjoyed reading all your earlier posts, and will look forward to continuing to follow you.

My friend, Amy, and I also co-author a blog, and it's fun to do together. We've also created an online community for runners. Please join us.

Sorry you can't make the showing of SOTM.

Keep up your great running and posting.