Monday, November 5, 2007

Why I Love Female Runners

What a weekend for marathon moms in NYC. Not only did the celeb moms make an appearance--way to go, Ms. Katie Holmes Cruise! Yes, siree, Suri is proud!--Paula Radcliffe, the mother of 9-month-old Isla, broke the tape in 2:23:09. On her heels, just 23 seconds behind, was Gete Wami, mother to 4-year-old Eva. At some point, after they both were across the line, Wami took Isla in her arms; Eva, apparently did not make the journey from Ethiopia to the race.

As George Vecsey reported in the New York Times, Wami explained her short stint of babysitting Isla this way: “I love kids, and I have one of my own, and so when I saw Paula’s child I felt attached. I felt love for her, and I just wanted to hug and kiss her, and I felt happy that it was Paula’s child, as well. It was just instinct.”

Although Wami did nab a $500,000 prize from the World Major Marathon Series with her second place finish, her maternal and celebratory instincts seemed truly untouched by her financial gain. She ran neck and neck for over 25 miles with her rival, not giving her an inch . Then, when she loses, she embraced the child of the victor. What a combo: an amazing competitor, a gracious loser and a I-need-a-kiss, plain 'ol mother. I love that.


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Lani said...

And an awesome NYC Marathon it was! We had perfect weather. I'm a mom to a 3-year-old and it was my first marathon. My son and husband were just after mile 25 and seeing them and getting hugs helped me to the finish line!

Thanks for a wonderful blog. I really enjoy reading it!