Thursday, November 29, 2007

Into the Mystic

Yesterday I had a track workout to do—along with reams of work, so I didn’t get out the door until almost 3:30. Winter has most definitely set in over Portland, with bone-chilling temps, rain, and early darkness. I usually think of myself as hardy and stoic, but I felt cold and miserable on my way over to the track, where I was the sole idiot, uh, I mean, runner. The low clouds diminished the remaining daylight, and my soaked jacket clung to my body. I couldn’t feel my fingertips inside my gloved hands. I was feeling sorry for myself as I chugged around the track, starting out with two miles at half-marathon pace.

Then “Into the Mystic” shuffled onto my iPod. It got me thinking about my college boyfriend, a big fan of Van the Man. My thoughts then tripped over to one of his best friends--who I just found out died in a car accident this summer. The friend was married with two young daughters. As I thought about him and his family, my pity-party came to a sudden halt.

Sure, it was a steel-grey day and big raindrops were dripping off the brim of my hat, but I suddenly found myself thankful to have my quads straining, to be breathing in nippy air, to be feeling the rain on my skin, to be listening to music. I found myself glad to be alive.



PDXJulieBryan said...

Sarah my friend,I SAW that rain yesterday (heavy and cold, yuck)- wow, you are such a stud! (Trust me readers, it was NASTY)
And thanks for reminding me how awesome Van Morrison's music is; I haven't listened to him in years. Now I need to go dig up some old music and "refresh" my MP3 collection!

Shelah said...

Hey ladies-- so glad you're still blogging! I just went to your old site and realized you'd moved over here! Congrats on the marathon and keeping up with the running in the aftermath!

Nancy Mize said...

Sarah, I had to comment about being glad to be alive--you remind me to be grateful that my limbs all work, my heart is strong, my lungs are capable of what I ask. I'll hope to remember this post next time I'm lazy, grumpy, chilly, or any other of the 7 dwarves of running.

Christine White said...

sarah, thank you. i will remember to be happy i can run and have a healthy family at home while i head out an hour before the sun rises and splash through the (deep mind you) puddles. again.