Thursday, November 1, 2007

Skirting the Issue

Running on Halloween, I felt like I was wearing a costume. In reality, I was sporting a running skirt. I had thought running skirts were so not “me,” but Dimity talked me into trying one. She sold me with the rationale a skirt looks far more flattering in race-day photos—no unsightly, bunched-up shorts in the crotch. My skirts debut was during the Hood to Coast relay in late August. I was on a team of super-cute thirtysomething runners who were all wearing skirts, too. I felt like an imposter—I’m 41 and never considered myself “cute.”

Fast-forward two months: Now I’m reviewing running skirts for a magazine article. Along with a dozen skirts to test, I’ve gotten an attitude adjustment. I’ve decided the people I run past—workmen, cyclists, high schoolers cutting out for lunch, moms pushing strollers, and other runners—only have a fleeting image of me. They can’t tell I feel out of place and somewhat dorky in a skirt. I’ve decided that, to them, I look like a confident, determined runner who is an early adopter of trends.
Sure, it’s all in my head, but if they can see me that way, then why shouldn’t I? A new month, a new me. Bring on the skirts!


Midwest said...

You look great in that skirt.

Anonymous said...

I think the skirts, and even the dress Dimity wore for the marathon, look more comfortable than running shorts. I'll have to give them a try when the warmer weather returns to the midwest.

Kelly(M&M) said...

That really is a "cute" pic of you. My friend Sarah LOVES her running skirt and ran the marathon in it. I, too, felt like a running skirt was not "me." Thanks to your skirt testing, I was able to try out this new trend, and it was fun and comfortable. (Although, being October, it was a little cold!) Here's to getting out of comfort zones.

Rebekah said...

That IS a cute picture of you! I love running skirts--I find them so much more comfortable than shorts.

Unknown said...

What happens when the wind blows? Is there a fruit basket inside?

I love the look of a tennis skirt and this is just one notch away.