Friday, November 16, 2007

Plowing through Puddles

Because writing about athletic shoes is part of my job, I’m jaded to new running shoes. But today I ran in a pair I loved: Nike Air Structure Triax+ 10 GTX. They are the waterproof version (thank you, Gore-Tex XCR membrane!) of my regular training shoes.

Today’s steady rain foreshadowed the weather coming Portland’s way over the next few months, yet in these shoes, my feet stayed warm and dry. I ran on a popular fire road and instead of avoiding puddles, I went right through them. It gave a fun, child-like feel to my 5-miler. Plus, who can argue with black shoes--coordinated with a little black running skirt, natch!


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fingersandtoes said...

This morning I really, really didn't want to run. So, I dug out the thicker tights that I haven't worn yet for a cosy feeling. Then I put on a new jacket I bought from the bargain rack last week. Once I was all dressed up I just had to go run. Sometimes, motivation comes from the mall. Whatever works!