Thursday, January 28, 2010

Talk About Dull!

Another just-had-to-share story. Steve and his daughter's tale was inspiring. This one from the Metropolitan Diary in Monday's NYT is stultifying. I applaud the commitment to running, but venture forth! (I have italicized the part I can't fathom.)

"For 20 years, I ran 10 laps around my West Village block every day. I usually ran in the morning before work, but occasionally had to wait until evening.

"On one of those runs after a stressful day af the office, I was feeling really tired as I began my ninth lap. I'd decided to cut my run short until a woman sitting on a stoop called out, 'Is this your last lap?'

"Before I could say a word, her companion answered, 'No, she has one more to go.'

"Needless to say, I went on to complete the full 10 laps."



Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said...

Wow! I like running, but I couldn't imagine running every day, nevermind 10 laps of the same block!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

That is awesome! What a great way to remind us of those unexpected little motivators we all have in our lives. I often think my rural neighbors will worry about me if they dont' see me passing by each day. I know that they watch for me. It is comforting and encouraging!

Drea said...

Having lived in NYC, I get it! Ha ha, I thought it was funny. Uh, especially since the Westside is so close to Central Park. Go for an adventure! Travel a mile east! There is something green. So New York. I had a friend who lived in Boulder, Colorado and ran everyday on a treadmill! It is like a man in a tutu, I don't get it.

Christi said...

Wow, that will keep you running no doubt about it!

trikarie said...

20 years, same run, same 10 laps. How did she do it? I would need the neighbors out there everyday to keep me going. That is dedication I guess, I wonder if she had fun, though.

Jen said...

I love it when accountability comes from the least expecting place!!! This is the driving force behind motivation!!! Yay, for you!!!

Kerrie T. said...

We are creatures of habit, I guess. I can't imagine running the same route that many years! Great story. :)

PS: Found you via Of Running and Parenting. RunnerMom said you have a book coming out. Very cool! Congrats!

~Kerrie (

Christina said...
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prashant said...

It is comforting and encouraging!

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