Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NYT Gear Test: iPhone Holders

I'm proud of my first New York Times story in 2010 so had to share. If you're old school, look for it in paper tomorrow.

Off for trade show and cold-weather, altitude running in Salt Lake City. Here's hoping for no lung-wrecking inversion!



MJ said...

Happy first 2010 article! And congrats on all your great running recently. Are you planning to do any kind of larger piece on "how I got faster, and what it took"? chronicling an overview of your progress? As someone who SOOO wants to get faster, I'd love to read it.

I think you're in the PDX area, so I wanted to pass this on and in a comment is the only way I know - from the blog at

Girls on the Run of Metropolitan Portland needs 135 running buddies for their spring 2010 program.

Buddies are paired up with a Girl on the Run and will run a practice 5k with their Girl on Thursday, April 29th. Then they'll join their Girl again at the Starlight Run on Saturday, June 5th! Make sure you can be at both runs - your Girl needs you!

Running buddies must be women, and they must agree to allow Girls on the Run to perform a background check prior to participation.

To sign up, simply follow this link to register for the Starlight Run as a Girls on the Run running buddy. You only pay the regular Starlight Run registration (with the registration fee it came to $27.94) - and there's no better way to run that race than with a young girl brimming with excitement, confidence and team spirit! While registration doesn't close until April 15th, it's likely that with our awesome running community, they'll find their buddies quick - so register today if you're interested!

(the GOTR group is at and from there you can link to be a running buddy)

Anonymous said...

Great article but from what I read you failed to mention that the iPhone 3gs comes equipped with Nike+ to track running speed, distance, etc... That in itself is a big reason for an iPhone armband.

aidam said...

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