Monday, April 27, 2009

Poster Child for Self-Confidence

Needless to say, my focus this week is laser-beamed on Sunday's marathon. When I feel tired, I lay down. I quaff electrolyte-laden drinks before I get thirsty, and eat carbs for breakie, lunch, and dinner. I've put a moratorium on carrying the twins around. I'm skipping book group in favor of lounging. Yes, I'm treating my body right. But my main emphasis this week is my mind. I'm intent on getting it as honed and fit as my body is.

As my coach, Lynn Jennings, emailed me yesterday: "Drill into your brain the truth and reality of all that work you have done. You are ready to go and your mantra is 'I've done the work and when I stand on the starting line, I'm ready to demonstrate it!'

Remember: you have to believe it fully and unreservedly. No doubts."

But finessing the brain isn't as straight-forward as honing the body. There are no mile-repeats or tempo runs for the mind. Instead, I'm going back over my training calendar to remind myself of all the hard work I have done the last three months--and how I met or exceeded the goals LJ set for me. I'm also going to re-read my blog posts since February 1.

And I'm going to spend a good bit of time meditating on the poster Phoebe and I made (photo, above). Let the record show: I'm not a scrapbooker or a memento-gal, but the idea for the "word-wall" came to me in a flash of inspiration so I acted upon the idea. I cut out phrases from magazines, mostly Runner's World, and then Phoebe and I glued them onto the posterboard. If I can be a braggart mom for a sec: I especially love the creativity art-centric, new-reader Phoebe brought to it, doing things like placing "Faster" under "Get Faster." (We laughed together every time she'd point out a clever word-cluster, with her saying, "Get it, Mom? Get it?") After she and I were done, I went back and glued on an illustration of a small brown bird (to the left of "Test Yourself") as an homage to Phoebe, which is also a type of small, brown songbird.

Slowly--but surely--I'm getting poised to demonstrate what I'm capable of on May 3.



Carolina John said...

you're going to put on a clinic on sunday, and it's going to be fun. you know you're ready physically, everything is mapped out. marathoning is just as emotional and mental as it is physical at this point, so it sounds like you will be wel prepared.

Good luck sarah, we'll all be pulling for you. said...

You are such a good mom, Sarah! What a wonderful example you are to those around you and those who count most, your family. I just know Sunday is going to be awesome for you...keep us posted; I know you will! :)

Rebekah said...

I love the word wall. One of my favorite parts: "Because I'm loving every wonderful, horrible minute of this." I'll have that in mind when I'm running intervals tomorrow morning.

I've really enjoyed following your progress these past months, and I can't wait to here how the race goes!

Kate said...

Go Sarah go! What a great mental preparation exercise. I think my favorite is "26.2 is the short part" because what we do to get to the race is longer than the race itself.

fisher cat said...

I look forward to reading all about your race in that "plum feature assignment" you're going to get - because you will meet your goals! You've done the hardest work, now enjoy the results and have a wonderful time. Thank you for all the motivation you've given me along the way.

jen c. said...

I'm rootin' for ya! Can't wait to hear of your AWESOME run!
Jen C.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!!!!

Jules said...

Good luck this weekend! I look forward to reading your race report.

JonathanMarathonMan said...

Hi Sarah.. I am a friend of Jill Parker's and she introduced me to your blog. My advice on pace groups: they can be great in a flat marathon. On a hilly course where the pacer runs the same pace every mile then can be a bad thing - You need to go a little faster on the downhills and a little slower on the uphills not an even pace all the way through. Some peopel cannot run a negative split - I am one of them In 64 marathons I have only done 2 negative splits - I don't like them. i would rather be slightly the other way. At SLC the other week I was 1:50 then 1:53 and flet quite good at the end. I don't know the Eugene course I have never done it but if I can help in any way please feel free to get back to me on my blog or email

Anonymous said...

Simply run your best! I'll see you cross the finish line and I will either be sobbing or screaming so loud I won't be able to talk the next day...Most likely both. You WILL have your PR - I not only feel it, but I believe it!

What an incredible thing for Phoebe to be a part of!

Joanne xo