Friday, April 17, 2009

Go, Kara, Go!!

Just wanted to give a shout-out of encouragement to all Boston Marathoners, from Kara on back. I had the pleasure of being in sunny, lovely Boston for the past three days, and I even got to run the last 6.2 miles of the course, including Heartbreak Hill. (I found it more like a long incline than a true hill, but my legs were fresh. No telling what my opinion would be facing it after 20 miles...) Even though I lived in Boston for four years in mid-1990s and watched the race every year, it seemed more exciting this time, maybe because I was a marathon-virgin back then.

Good luck to all, and take a look at this write-up of Kara's pre-race interview. The line that made my eyes a bit watery was this one, "I'm ready to run the race of my life." I intend to tell myself that on May 3 down in Eugene.

Go, Kara! Go, Boston Marathoners!


photo above is one I took of Kara Goucher poster in Niketown window on Boston's Newbury Street.

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Susan Kokesh said...

I saw Kara training on Terwilliger recently (with her coach Alberto Salazer) and she is true, graceful, smooth, poetry in motion. Good luck to all Monday! I was lucky enough to qualify by the skin of my teeth and run Boston in the high heat of 2004. It was an amazing experience! My race was slow, but still it was just great to experience such an event. The hills there don't seem so bad after training in the Pdx area. Lucky you SBS to go get to run on the course!