Friday, February 29, 2008

Shower Power

We have a new tradition developing at our house—the family shower. No, it’s not as NC-17 as it may sound as Jack has yet to jump in. Just me and the kids so far.

It started a few Saturdays ago after I went rowing. I leave for my boathouse before anyone else in the house is up, so when I walk in the door, the kiddies are very excited to see me. There’s no escaping them. When I stepped into the shower, John and Daphne, both 2.5 years, clamored to join me. How could I deny them—they are too darn cute! Once big-sis Phoebe saw them in there with me, she wanted to join the party, so she stripped down and came in. Lucky for me, the shower in our master bathroom has two showerheads! While it didn’t make for a very relaxing post-workout shower, I’ll admit it was fun having so many naked little bodies dancing around under the spray.

The next day, after a 10-mile run, there were the frisky kidlets, begging for another mommy-and-me (and –me and –me!) shower. Who knows if the custom will continue this weekend. For now I’m not complaining—I know there will come a day, sooner rather than later, that my kids won’t even let me see them naked, let alone bathe together. Scrub-a-dub-dub!



Jade Lady said...

People say, they're only kids once. Enjoy the fun while you can! To me, family showers seem normal to me - my little girl loves to take a bath with me - something I did as a kid with my mom.

Anonymous said...

Our new house only has a shower (the tub was converted because the previous owner had a disability). The only thing to do was to hop in with our, then, toddler. The bonus is the movable shower head. It is fantastic for washing her hair. We were afraid that we would have to stop because she went through a period of discussing "private areas." But that didn't last.