Thursday, February 7, 2008


So I throw out a not-so-clever kicker in the last entry--under/overs on Thursday--and guess what? Karma comes back to bite me in my already zapped quads. Very funny. Tonight the ratio was supposedly a little easier--6 minutes in the steady state zone before 4 in the nearly impossible climbing repeat zone--but the effort was way harder than Tuesday, mostly because I was working with licorice legs and a mind that wasn't willing to endure the still-too-fresh, imminent misery.

So as I huffed and puffed and still couldn't get my prescribed numbers, I thought of a few other tasks I'd rather be doing. None, it should be noted, are particularly easy.

1. Clean my children from head to toe: wash their hair, excavate their noses, cut all 40 nails.

2. Learn the intricacies of the voting process: differences between caucus and primaries (and why some states are one way, some another); how the delegates work; the difference between winning states and delegates, and which matters more; why Republicans have winner-take-all states, but Democrats are, well, much more democratic in how they doll out delegates. (I think I can infer the answer to the last point.)

3. Organize our toys: put all legos with legos (and not have random pieces scattered from laundry baskets to my purse); put plastic spatulas and pretend fried eggs in the pretend kitchen (rescue them from our bath toys); put tiny ballet slippers with newborn bibs and miniature pj's (grab them out of the dress up box); find all the balls that fit with basketball hoops, hammer games and tunnels that I always come across when a child isn't begging for them and place them in their rightful spot.

4. Keep the toys organized for more than 20 minutes.

5. Have a family dinner during which at least two of the four things happen: Amelia happily takes one no-thank-you bite from a foreign food; Ben doesn't doll out his helpings to the dogs; I don't lose my temper and wonder aloud, "Why do I try to do this?" as I slurp down white wine; and everybody is happy with plain strawberries for dessert.

Maybe the under/overs aren't as tough as I thought.


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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the toy organization: I'm in complete awe (and envy!) of households where the toys are all organized. No wonder Dimity and I bond so well: Dim, it sounds like your kids' toys are as messy as ours! -SBS