Monday, January 5, 2009

Step Lively

If I do well this Sunday in my half-marathon, I might have the snow to thank. We’ve had a freak series of snowstorms in the past three weeks, but I didn’t let the white stuff stop me from running most days. Instead I followed the advice of an awesome runner-friend, who told me to, “take smaller steps, keep your weight centered.”

As I picked along on a tempo run last Friday, hopscotching on a crust of new snow, I realized my shorter, livelier steps might actually be helping me maintain a speedier pace. I had a flashback to the 2007 Nike Women’s Marathon, when my coach, Paula Harkin, was urging me to run faster. “Take quick, short steps! Quick steps! Quick steps!” she chirped.

Sigh…it did me no good in that race, but with all my practice on snowy, slushy roads, I think I might have laid down some new pathways in my brain, allowing me to call upon that stride mid-race.

And Daphne, almost 3.5 years, has certainly been getting me in the mood: Every time I walk in the door, sweaty and clothed in running garb, she yells out, “Momma, you run a fast race? I want to run a fast race with you!,” and then she peels off, doing laps around the first floor. Now if only I had her boundless energy....



SeaBreeze said...

Kids can be adorable at moments like that. :D Very motivating.

Carolina John said...

Good luck in your half next weekend. We just did our first half last saturday. wow, what a blast.

the kiddo's are cute. it got warm enough here in SC for my 3.5 yr old to go on her first bike ride on the road with me helping her steer and pedal. she loved it, soooo cute.