Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Return of the Nap

As some of you may recall, a few months ago I was lamenting the end of an era at our house: No more naps. Not the twins, and thus not me. Well, like Bush standing on the aircraft carrier in 2003, I called the end too early. After a few months of no naps, John has resumed snoozing every afternoon. He actually seems “mature” enough to realize the necessity of a nap—otherwise he’s shattered by late afternoon. (Dear Daphne, on the other hand, is a bundle of joyful energy from morning until night, then she falls asleep soundly and speedily.)

That said, he needs coaxing to fall asleep midday. Who knows, maybe he’s just playing his babysitter and me, but he demands being soothed to sleep during the day. And while I’m never one to coddle my kids (it’s a shocker, I know!), I have quickly grown to love holding him close as he drifts off. Like last Sunday: I got back from my half-marathon at about 1:15 (race didn’t start until 9:30, and it was an hour+ south of Portland). Almost immediately, I carried John up to his room. Wrapping him in a blanket, I sank into my old nursing rocker, and he rested his adorable big noggin’ on my shoulder.

It was heavenly, really, rocking back and forth as I hummed and patted John on the back. Instead of fretting about hopping in the shower or getting changed into stink-free clothes, I luxuriated in the rare one-on-one time with my twin boy. For a second I fretted, thinking of countless other things I should be doing, but I reminded myself the sanity of our family depended on John recharging his batteries. I had nothing better to do than to sit there. I closed my eyes and a delicious calm pervaded my taxed body.

Thanks, John, for forcing your mom to take a break.



Susan Kokesh said...

Okay, so someone else sees the importance of the afternoon nap. Yay!! My 4.5 YO daughter is the only one at her morning preschool class who still cuddles up each day after lunch, snuggles, and nods off into 2+ hours of blissful sleep. Our evenings our amazing and peaceful, given that nap. I work at home part time, so I arrange my work day to fit in her nap, and I'll work during that time. She won't be little forever, and at some point soon she'll give the nap up. But for now, heaven for me, each day around 1pm, is a little precious 30 pounder, cuddled into my shoulder, saying "mommy, i love you" and then she drifts off. Amazing.
Life just doesn't get much better than that. I love you blog.

Susan Kokesh said...

Oops, I need typing 101 help!
My comment should have read "I love your blog" not "I love you blog" Ha-ha.

Carolina John said...

haha, i hear ya. today we're moving the youngest one's naptime slumber from the crib to the toddler bed. not having a baby sleeping in a crib is going to be weird. nothing is better than having them fall asleep on your shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy these times. My son is 17 years old so the snuggle times are long gone and I really miss them. But I do have the memories so again enjoy it while you can!