Monday, July 13, 2009

Speedy Sarah

Wave your hands in the air and give it up for me: I ran 22:19 on Saturday, averaging 7:11/mile. I placed 31st overall out of 816 runners (all women), and I was the #1 Athena (150+ pound woman--I'm 5' 11"). Woot-woot!! Seriously, I am stoked.

The playlist that got me revved up:
"Sun Children" by Nickodemus
"Disturbia" by Rihanna
"Love Sex Magic (feat. Justin Timberlake)" by Ciara
"Piece of Me" by Britney Spears
"Right Round" by Flo Rida
"Gimme More" by Britney Spears
"Stronger" by Britney (what can I say: Britney's beat gets me movin'!)
"Heart of a Champion" by Nelly & Lincoln University Vocal
"Don't Stop Believin'" by Glee Cast Version (the song I'm currently addicted to!!)
"Gold Digger" by Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx

Crossed the finish line only 13 seconds into "Stronger," but I listened to rest of playlist as I cooled down, savoring an orange popsicle and my runner's high. It was a great race and I had a great time. My finish-time still feels unreal to me--it's 75 seconds speedier than my previous best for a 5K--since I don't consider myself "fast."

Guess I should really listen to those peppy "Glee" cast members and always remember to "don't stop believin'."



Monica said...

Awesome Sarah!! You are definitely an inspiration! I don't consider myself fast either, but your time seems super fast to me!

Anonymous said...

Go Athena!

Carolina John said...

wow, 7:11 miles are really fast! well done sarah.

Jill said...

Congrats, Sarah - that's a stellar time!! I think between me and you, we have a little Rihanna/Disturbia covered for all runs and races; she has a great beat for tired leg turnover and she has already found herself on my already started Portland playlist. And wow, I never would have guessed you uwere 5'11" by your pics. Can't wait til Portland...not for the marathon but to see ya live! Soak up your great feat!!
btw, still having aggrevating butt pain. May seek your advise here soon!

Katie A. said...

Yeah! You rock! Now you have really inspired me! Enjoy the post race glow! :)

Cathi Gridley said...

My name is Cathi Gridley. I live in Utah and have run 19 marathons. I am also a mother of 7. Is anyone interested in traveling to marathons together? Let me know.

Sahara said...

So I know this is really late, but since I am reading your back posts I thought I'd comment on your awesome music selections! I always feel a little dirty listening to Britney/Rihanna/Shakira/etc. If you ever need anything to perk up your playlist, I'd be happy to swap with you!