Friday, February 6, 2009

Stinky Momma

Just had to share this chuckle: This a.m. I had an awesome run (7 miles total, including 4 at 8:28 tempo) before anybody got up. By the time I was done eating breakie, the kids had ambled downstairs. Then we all headed upstairs to take a shower (yes, I rarely shower alone these days!). I started undressing by our laundry chute in the hall, and Phoebe joined me to peel off her jammies.

She turned to me with a screwed-up face, and asked, "Mom, why does it smell like sweat?"
Gee, I wonder why, Phoebe!???!


Beth Brewster said...
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Beth Brewster said...

Nice pic Sarah!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh because my twin boys, age 12, love to point out my stinkiness after a run but my nine year old son always tries to make me feel better by sayings that I don't smell like sweat but like running!

Jules said...

I get the "You're stinky Mommy" comment pretty much every morning when I get home from my pre-dawn workout to wake up the kiddos. Like my grandfather always told me when I complained about the smell coming from his farm - being "the smell of money", I guess we can just say it's - "the smell of fitness" :)!