Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cool Quiet

Few things make me feel more alive than running in the cold. I don’t overdress, letting me feel the outlines of my entire body as I tromp along the streets. I become vividly aware that I am a corporeal being.

This morning I felt this way for two hours as I ran through yet another of Portland’s freak snowstorms. (That's me post-run.) One reason I opted to run outdoors, as scheduled, was because I thought about all you blog-followers who live in colder climes. I figured if you all run year-round, I shouldn’t let a steady onslaught of white stuff to stand in my way. It wasn’t until I was about 8 miles from my house (I did an out-and-back so I wouldn't be tempted to cut my run short!) that it dawned on me: Maybe Canadians and Coloradans run on the treadmill on days like this!

Despite the chilly temps, I enjoyed the heck out of my run, loving the deserted streets and the stream of tunes on my iPod. Around mile two, Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Passionate Kisses” came on. The lines that set my attitude for the run were her singing about what she wanted—“Pens that won’t run out of ink/And cool quiet and time to think.” I figured it’s exactly what this mom had been looking for after a week in a snowbound house with three kids amped up for Christmas.

Happy holidays!



Anonymous said...

Hey, good for you! I stayed inside, too much snow for me.
Michelle in PDX

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh. I've been running at 7am in Minneapolis my whole winter break. Earlier in the week that meant 20 below windchills, and today it meant several inches of snow and howling winds. But oh, is it beautiful.

SeaBreeze said...

I'm impressed you ran "under dressed" in the snow. It's too slippy here for that at the moment. We got over a foot in 24hrs and the side walks haven't been cleared. I'll be hitting the treadmill for the next few days.

sarah said...

you are very brave!! we had too much ice in salem so i walked to the gym... way to stay with the plan!