Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Blossoming Daphne

If you are a regular reader of Marathon Moms, you might feel like you almost know my older daughter through my many Phoebe-centric postings. Yet I rarely mention my younger daughter. Dear Daphne, 2.5 years, is John’s twin sister, yet she is very much her own independent, unique child. Like every mom, I think all my children are special. However, while I see many similarities between big sis Phoebe and John, Daphne is truly one of a kind.

Daphne is going to be our athlete. In most instances, she’s more physical and active than her twin brother. But more than that, she just radiates an inner athlete. When I’m out on long runs, and I let my mind drift to my kids, it’s always an image of Daphne that springs into my head in clear focus.

And Daphne is already attuned to the fact that Sunday is a day of running. On Sunday morning, I took John and Daphne on a stroll around the block. John, my darling momma’s boy, was content to have me carry him most of the way. But Daphne had to literally run ahead on her own, tearing down the block. Then whenever she got about six houses ahead of us, she’d turn around and dash toward us, always yelling, “Love you, too, Momma! Love you, too!” She’d crash into my legs, giving me a huge hug as she laughed and laughed. Later on, when she and John were doing their favorite—dancing naked in their room—Daphne suddenly changed tact and announced, “I go running!” She ran around and around in a big circle, the most gorgeous streaker ever.

Give her a few years—and a few adidas outfits—and she’ll be running alongside of me.


Suzy said...

I relate to you in that I keep an eye out for which child will be the athlete/runner when they're grown! My 2 year old daughter sounds similar to yours!

jojusakaanda said...

I really appreciate the time that both of you put in to this blog. I am a full time working mother of four and train alone, I really consider you my running buddies. I love your encouragement and real life experiences that we can all relate to. I also have one of my four which I consider my athlete/runner and I want to be a great example for her.