Thursday, January 17, 2008

My #1 Fan

Once again, my daughter Phoebe (who just turned 6 last week!) proves to be my biggest cheerleader. I called home after Sunday’s half-marathon, and Phoebe told me she had a present waiting for me. I walked in the door and she handed me a card and a wrapped-in-blue present.

That's a photo of the front of the card. Yes, I’m biased, but I think it’s a good likeness of me in motion. The message she wrote inside, however, is what I love best. It says, “Dear Mom I am sorry that you nevr [sic] win a running ras [sic]. I love you Mom.” It made me laugh out loud! It cracks me up that she has the expectation that I should be able to win a running race, so therefore she feels badly for me. (And here I was feeling proud-as-punch about my 1:52 finish!)

The present was a pink beaded necklace and bracelet, in lieu of a gold medal. (Perhaps she read my New York Times piece about race jewelry being a burgeoning trend!) I thanked and hugged Phoebe, then hurried to shower before the twins woke up from their nap. While I was in the shower, Phoebe came into the bathroom and announced, “Momma, remember that race you thought you ran slow? Well, I don’t think you ran slow.” I’m pretty sure she was referring to my marathon last fall. I’m thrilled she is now impressed with my effort—even if I didn’t win that running ras either.



Lani said...

Aren't kids the best?? My son tells everyone "My mommy runs FAST!" - even after my 6 1/2 hour marathon.

That's a great picture your daughter drew of you!

Candy said...

How cute!! Out of the mouths of babes they say :)

I love that she made your cheeks very pink! How very observant of her.

Kudos and :high fives: to you, and :hugs: for your budding artist.

Kate said...

It's great to model healthy behavior to the next generation...

Off topic -- I went looking for the NY Times gear review on sport detergents and realized you wrote it. Unfortunately I can't find anything but the abstract on-line - do you remember which one the tester liked the best? Thanks!

bailey178 said...

Dimity--I am so impressed by you. As a fellow mom I have been trying to get up and run every morning. Not easy. I have been following a strength plan the last week from FITNESS magazine that I really like called The All Over Workout (or somesuch). The model on the cover is a mom, Josie Maran, who looks pretty darn hot. Good luck and keep blogging.