Sunday, November 25, 2007

Feeling Good about A Decision Made

I am SO glad I’m not running another marathon next Sunday!

As I already mentioned here, for the two weeks after our marathon in October, I debated long and hard about running the California International Marathon (CIM) down in Sacramento on December 2. Even after I decided to not run the marathon, I still kept mulling it over, wondering if I’d made the right decision. But as the race date draws closer, I’m so glad I don’t have run 26.2 miles again so soon. Just like I was stoked to run “only” 10 miles last Sunday instead of the 20 I would have had to put in if I was doing CIM.

Now I’ve got my sights set on a half-marathon in mid-January. I’m doing a 10-week training program I found on Maybe it’s nuts to go right from one training plan (my coach-dictated workouts for the marathon) to another, but it just feels right to me. Plus, it’s the kick in the rear I need when it’s cold (32-degrees this morning!) or rainy (hey, it’s Portland!).



Beverly said...

My husband has used the marathon and half training programs on and found them to be very effective. He was also able to modify them for a shorter training period for the Chicago Marathon last year. He was able to meet the time goal he set for each of the races.

Julie said...

I used Hall's half marathon plan for the Denver 1/2 in October and hit my goal. It was a very manageable plan for a working mom of 2, good choice!