Monday, March 16, 2009

My RUNny Nose

Runners with children have more obvious hurdles to overcome than child-free ones: You can leave a cat at home alone when you head out the door, but can’t do the same with kiddies. But the bigger child-obstacle I’ve been tripped up by lately: germs.

Three weeks ago it was strep throat, and now we are fighting the amorphous fever/stuffy nose/cough. As I drag my sick butt out of bed to run, I think enviously of my friends Ellison and Monica. They are also training for Eugene Marathon, but they don’t have any young children in their households. Sure, it doesn’t mean they don’t get exposed to sick people, but I sometimes wonder what our house must look like under a giant microscope—a swirling vortex of germs, viruses, and nasty buggies.

I’m playing it cautious: I was supposed to race a popular 15K here yesterday, but my coach, Lynn, put the kibosh on it, saying no good ever comes from racing sick. It was tough for me to opt out of the race, but her wisdom resonated with me. Better to scale back, on purpose, for a few days than lose a week of training if I’d gotten worse. And yesterday was the tipping point: My lungs burned when I got back from a solo, shortened-condensed run. But an afternoon nap started the healing process. Already, halfway through a rest day, I’m feeling markedly better than I have in days.

Now I just need to look into large, Habitrail-like plastic environments for the kids. They can live in them for next six weeks until marathon, right!??!?!



Kate said...

It doesn't just happen to moms, Sarah! My darling nephew has gotten me a couple of times - once before a half marathon which I stubbornly ran anyway.

Carolina John said...

tell me about it. my kids gave me the flu 2 days before my marathon on valentines day. i had to miss the race. dang germ factories. if only we didn't love them so much....

Susan Kokesh said...

I call my 4 1/2 year old daughter
our little "petri dish" because she seems to bring home every germ and illness possible from preschool. No matter how many 100's of times per day I/we wash our hands, it doesn't seem to matter. I love it that other running moms out there have to go thru illness, sleepless nights, etc. and still try to train and succeed thru it all. I try to keep my sense of humor and I count to 100 (for patience) several times per day!

AirborneVet said...

I so understand and empathize with you. My husband, son and I keep passing some giant virus around and a few bacterial infections we just can't seem to shake. We think they're gone because we'll have a week or two of feeling fine and then it hits again. WHAM! And we're all laid up in bed. When I stayed home with my son, the sickies were much less. I know I bring a lot of stuff home from work and it makes me wish I had never come back. It doesn't do anyone any good to come to work sick, but the bosses hate it when people aren't here. It's a catch 22for sure.
I hope you feel better soon!